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TYH X Mushi Straps

One of, if not the best thing about this wonderful passion (insert addiction if appropriate) is the connections and friendships that are made because of these little time-telling devices that we strap onto our left or right wrist every day. Whilst, not a crucial box to tick when applying for your watch nerd membership, the social aspect certainly helps to make this an infinitely more enjoyable hobby. Chris from Mushi Straps and I have been talking for the past few months over ‘The Gram’ and have formed an Insta based watch friendship. Considering we are both similar-sized businesses, and both are very much aligned in terms of our watch philosophy, collaborating in some way seemed like a no brainer! Chris dropped me a message a few weeks ago, suggesting that I wrote a short ‘week in watches’ piece for his website in order to put each of our businesses on the radar of our respective readership, and give some diversity to our offerings. Considering I was asked if I wanted to write more about watches than I already do, I of course bit Chris’ handoff; after having asked my two fellow founders over at TYH of course… So, as well as being able to find them on his website, here they are on ours! 

Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 11.26.43.png
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