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The Weekly Round-up: 9th May 2020

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Another week of quarantine has passed… Whilst last week saw a sea of new releases, this week has been a comparably quiet week in the watch industry. And if you ask me, I am not complaining. Considering the barrage of new watches last week, it was too much to take in at the time. As a result I have spent the past week actually reading up on more of the new pieces, and making sure that new watches both good and bad have not slipped past me. This week I have followed the same rough format as my first article. I am turning the spotlight on a few of my favorites, as well as a couple of insights into some fascinating topics that I have recently become aware of… 


Ming 27.01


  1. MING have been making waves in the microbrand space for some years now, culminating in them being awarded the Horological Revelation for the Ming 17.06 Copper at GPHG 2019. Ming have continued to go from strength to strength since then, which has now culminated in their first ultra-thin piece. What we have here is the Ming 27.01, and like all Ming watches to date, it gives me a tingly feeling in the pants region. 


Looking at this Ming gives you the same familiar aesthetic, those signature curvaceous lugs and overall case shape would lead you to believe that this is Ming similar to previous, and you would be forgiven for thinking that until you look at it on its side profile. This watch is thin, and I mean thin. 6.9mm to be exact, the same thickness as an Iphone 6s apparently! 


It houses a movement which is at its base an ETA/Peseaux 7001. But to say this houses an ‘ETA’ would be like saying that a Rolls Royce is basically a 6 figure BMW… If we are going to split hairs it technically is, but not really. The entire movement has been re-worked, and only the escapement and the going train still remain from the original movement. Few parts have retained their original colour, which when set against the deep black background offers an incredibly striking visual. I am in love with this watch. Ming has been on my radar for sometime now, and they are certainly at the forefront of the microbrands that are knocking on the doors of more established brands. However at just over £3,000 and limited to 125 pieces, I sadly will not be getting one…

                                                        Photo Credit: Acquire Magazine                                    

Zenith Chronomaster Revival ‘Shadow’ 


I have had the pleasure of trying out the A384 reference of this piece in the Watches of Switzerland Boutique on Bond Street; my ‘local’ if you will. The more traditional el primero (see below) has never really tickled my pickle in all honesty. However the regular A384 and now definitely the Shadow model most certainly do. I am on a bit of an all-black watch hype at the moment, and this one is another favourite in that respect. 37mm of pure stealth, with the fantastic colour scheme of black and grey make this watch awesome to be honest. I am in love. 

                                                   Photo Credit: Monochrome Watches


Gekota Watches

Recently, two of my friends have made purchases from Gekota, specifically watches. Whilst I have known for a while now that Gekota make watches as well as straps, I have never really given them any thought. However, the most recent acquisition from Chris (who runs the website you are reading this on!) has made me realise that they need more appreciation than they are getting. Their current line comprises vintage inspired watches powered by Sellita movements, both quartz and automatic. They are vintage inspired, as opposed to homages, and frankly they are stunning. What is more is that they are well under £500 and without having got my hands on any yet, I feel like they offer phenomenal value. Even if you are not in the market for a new watch right now, I strongly urge you to go and have a browse of their current stock as they are gorgeous.

                                                  Photo Credit: Geckota Watches

Recommended Reading: A Collected Man's Guide to Double-Signed Watches

Last month, A Collected Man published a 6000 article about Double-Signed Watches entitled ‘An Exploration of Double Signed Watches’. Now I must admit my knowledge of Double-Signed watches was nothing more than a love of them as a niche of watch collecting and an idea of some of the double signed watches that have appeared over the years. This article has changed that. They take a deep dive into why brands used retailers during the 30’s,40’s and subsequent years as well as what effect retail signatures have had on the second hand and more specifically the auction space. Despite being 45 pages long, it is truly a fantastic article. Hot tip, if you save the webpage in ‘books’ on your Iphone and/or Ipad, you can not only read it offline and bookmark where you got to if you don't read it in one go, but you can also highlight and makes notes if you’re a nerd like me!

                                                   Photo Credit: A Collected Man

Thank you again for reading. Whilst this week was not a crazy week for watch releases, it has certainly been fun to catch up on the releases from Watches & Wonders. Ming are quickly becoming a favourite of mine, and if they carry on in the trajectory that they are going at, they are going to be a force to reckoned with in the next few years. 


In the immortal words of Leslie Chow, ‘Toodaloo madafacaaaaaars’


Felix Arnold


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