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Watch This Space Episode 4: Mr Jones Workshop Tour! 
Episode 4: Mr Jones Workshop Tour! 

Episode 4 is here!!

Guys.... This is a big one. Our first guest appearance on the Podcast. This episode we had the honor of being given a workshop tour by none other than Mr Crispin Jones, the founder and head of Mr Jones Watches! Crispin was fantastic. He was so open, chatty, and willing to indulge the two of us in the journey of the brand, the complexities of the manufacture, as well as give us a sneak peak at his personal collection! This really is without a doubt the best episode we have released to date (which is not saying much I know!) So please give it a listen and let us know what you think! 


The man himself, Mr Crispin Jones, with his sausage dog Stanley.

Crispin's background is not in watchmaking surprisingly! He has an Undergraduate degree in fine art; specializing in sculpture, and a Masters degree in Interaction Design. And this is where Crispin's first interaction with watches started. He was creating sculptures and art installations for a number of exhibitions. He then decided to create a limited edition run of 5 watches for an event he was exhibiting at. These watches were meant to play on our relationship with different emotions, and this is something that Crispin speaks about in the episode, but we wont spoil it for you if you are listening along...

We would once again like to say a massive thank you to Crispin. He was so welcoming and engaging, and the experience of being shown round his workshop and seeing in detail how each of their watches are painstakingly assembled was fascinating. 

We are really excited about this episode! And we really hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did recording it! Please go and check out Mr Jones Watches at!

By Felix Arnold

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