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Watch This Space Episode 5: Rikki from Scottish Watches!  
Episode 5: Rikki from Scottish Watches!  

Episode 5 is here!!

This is a special one everyone! This week we had the privilege of sitting down with the one and only Rikki from Scottish Watches! We sit down and talk about the effects of Corona Virus on the upcoming trade fairs, Monochrome Watches Baselworld 2020 and a lot more! We really hope you enjoy this one! And let us know what you think!

And as we mentioned in the podcast, if you havent checked out the episode of the Watch and Listen podcast with Chef Carl Ruiz, check it out below... it is one of the funniest Watch Podcasts episodes I have ever listened to/watched!

As always, thank you to our special Guest Rikki. We had a brilliant time recording this episode! Let us know what you you think! And we hope that you are enjoying this momentum we have found. We have a lot of exciting podcasts coming soon, with some very special guests, so stay tuned...

Please go and check out Scottish Watches! 



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