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Watch This Space Episode 7: The Watch Draft Challenge Returns! 
Episode 7: The Watch Draft Challenge Returns! 

Episode 7 is here!!

This week we are revisiting the topic we covered in last weeks episode. This week we are coming back to you with another installment of the Watch Draft Challenge! This week we have kept all the rules exactly the same, apart from an important one... the price! We have decided to double the budget to give us a bit more wiggle room, and once again we have built two pretty respectable collections! We really hope you enjoy this one.

The Rules...

  1. £20,000 Max budget. 

  2. You must pick 5 watches.

  3. You cannot pick a watch that the other person/people have chosen.

  4. You must pick a watch from each of the following 5 categories:

    1. Dress​ Watch

    2. Sports Watch

    3. Daily Beater

    4. Flex Spot (Can be whatever you want)

    5. Complication.

The Wrist Watch Check...

Cal's Picks...

Felix's Picks...

So everyone there are our picks! Jut to summarise for you all, here are the watches that we picked! As well as links to respectable retailers that we would recommend you buying them from if you would like! 

Cal's Choices

  1. Sports Watch: Seiko Sarb 033/035.

    1. Value: £450.


  2. Dress Watch: Rolex Daydate 18038

    1. Value: £10,000.​


  3. Daily Beater: Speedmaster Professional

    1. Value: £3,150.


  4. 'Flexible' Watch: IWC Pilots Chronograph.

    1. Value: £3,500.


  5. Complication: Grand Seiko GMT Automatic

    1. Value: £3,000.​


TOTAL VALUE: £20,100.

Another round of the draft completed. Despite Cal and I struggling once again, even with double the budget, I feel we have once again put together two well rounded, varied and horologically interesting collections! Considering across our two lists we have got watches from Omega, Rolex, Grand Seiko and IWC to name a few, that is not a bad spread!

As with the last round of the draft we would love to hear your thoughts. Are there any watches you would have chosen instead of ones that we did? Would you have gone with one watch at £15,000 and then saved on the other four?? Let us know!

As always thank you so much for listening, and stay tuned for more podcasts coming soon! 

Felix Arnold

Editor & Co-Founder

The Young Horologist

Photo Credits:

Worn & Wound

Amsterdam Vintage Watches

William May

A Blog To Watch

Fratello Watches


Monochrome Watches

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