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Essential Accessories for all Watch Geeks

Now, whether you are a new watch lover, or a seasoned veteran, you should know that you cant just own lots and lots of watches. There are certain things that at some point along your collecting journey, you will absolutely need. That is a fact. Not only are these things essential for storage and maintenance, they are also to elevate the enjoyment you get from your watches!!! So lets dive right in...

A good spring bar tool

I think the singular most important watch accessory for any watch geek is without a shadow of a doubt, a good spring bar tool. Anyone who owns one, two or even fifty watches will want to change straps on their watches. Whether this is because they love dressing their watches up differently and having some fun with them (like me), or you wear the default leather strap that your watch came on and that is it, it will still need swapping out for a new one eventually. Now, I say a good spring bar tool because they are something worth spending a bit more money on. If you get a cheap one from a cheap watch tool kit for example, not only will the two prongs eventually wear away, like mine did , but there is also a much greater risk of it scratching up your watch! In terms of recommendations, I think if you ask anyone else in the watch industry, nine out of ten will recommend the same brand. And that brand is Bergeon. Bergeon make fantastic watch tools, including very robust, longlasting and sturdy spring bar tools. Depending on what type and complexity of spring bar tool you would like to go for, you can spend anywhere between £7 and about £120 on a Bergeon spring bar tool. But wherever within that broad price spectrum you spend, you will get fantastic 'bang-for-buck' whatever you spend. Having said that, there is no better brand I dont think than Bergeon.

An few examples of the watch tools offered by Bergeon...

A Watch Box or Roll

Another undeniable essential for any watch owner is somewhere to store your watches. Now, it goes without saying that If you are at the very start of your journey and you only have one watch, then being able to store it in the original box it came in as and when you need too is completely fine! The issue comes when your collection starts to grow! The simple solution is to get either a watch box as a more permanent storage solution, and/or a watch roll for travelling with your watches. Now, like literally every single thing you can buy ever, watch boxes vary vastly in price. It all comes down to how much you are willing to spend on a velvet lined box with little compartments in with a glass or perspex lid?? Below are some examples of the sort of things that you can get for varying price ranges. Watch boxes are something that will sit on your chest of drawers or beside table, and I believe need to look good as well as serving their primary function!

The Worn & Wound Watch Roll...

The Mare Roll from the collaboration between Theo and Harris and the Atelier Jean Rousseau...


If you own a watch with an acrylic crystal, and havent heard or do not use Polywatch, then my heart bleeds for you... I cannot even begin to tell you how much of a miracle worker this £6 tube of magic is. I will insert a video below of our good friend Bark&Jack giving a demonstration of the benefits of Polywatch as it is a much better illustration. But to put it into context. If you own a vintage watch, say a Speedmaster from the 60's/70's for example, and are either hesitant to wear it because of its age, or take the attitude I would of "This is awesome!" And as a result wear it to death, the chances are at some point or another, you are going to get that hesalite scratched to hell. But luckily this is where our handy little friend Polywatch, or even toothpaste if you want a DIY version, comes into play. Unless you are really throwing your watch around, the chances are a scratch in a hesalite will come out no problem with a bit of elbow grease and Polywatch. I think another essential watch accessory to keep in your watchbox.

A brilliant video on Polywatch and removing scratches on your watches from our good friend Bark&Jack...

Different Straps

My final 'accessory' is not an accessory in the sense of the three that I have spoken about previously. Whilst having different watch straps and being able to change up your straps is without a doubt 'accessorising', I do not believe it is an accessory in the traditional sense. I think having different straps to interchange on your watch or watches is essential!! Not only does it give a break to a battered steel bracelet and clasp for example, but especially if you have a one watch collection, it allows you to almost have a completely different watch with every strap change! Now watch straps vary immensely in both price and quality, yet again like watch rolls and boxes it is just a case of how much you want to or are able to spend. My personal favourites are CheapestNatoStraps and Colareb. CheapestNatoStrap make lovely watch straps, not just nato's, and have a fantastic variety of designs and colours. They also will not break the bank with a price range of anywhere between £5 and £20. Colareb are on the other hand a slight step up. They are exquisite hand made leather straps made in Italy, They are however, a slight jumy up from someone like CheapestNatoStrap, with starting price at about £25. But considering the quality of the leather, construction as well as the service that you receive when buying one of their straps, the overall experience more than justifies the prices. They will last for years! I really cannot over stress the importance of buying multiple straps for your watches. It allows you to have so much fun with your watch, and really show your personality through your choices! I would definitely give it a go! Put a nato strap on a calatrava or a brght pink nato strap on a sub! Who cares at the end of the day it is just a bit of fun!

A selection of different watch straps... Including a flamingo nato strap from CheapestNatoStrap, as well as a gorgeous blue Colareb Strap...

Overall these are a mere few of the miriad of watch accessories that you could get your hands on! I feel like these are definitely a good starting place! For me the two most essential out of the four I have spoken about are without a shadow of a doubt a good piece of watch storage, and defnitely a good spring bar tool! Now if you have a particular affinity with another brand then by all means go for it, but I cannot recommend Bergeon enough, they are superb! (And no they are not paying us to say this). And if you have any ideas yourselves of what essential accessories there are out there that every watch geeks need we would love to hear from you!

Felix Arnold

Editor and Co-Founder

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