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Scottish Watches x Swatch Commemorative Watch!

This hobby is not just about these little time telling devices that we all obsess over, it is also about the community, and the lasting friendships that we make within said hobby. One of our good friends, the chaps at Scottish Watches; who we actually had on the podcast when we still did them, are a prime example of harnessing the power of the community, and injecting endearing friendship and fun into the world of watches.

To commemorate them meeting a milestone that no other watch podcast have achieved; 200 episodes, they have teamed up with one of my favourite brands of all time; Swatch, to release a slightly different commemorative watch to the usual. What they have come up with is actually an ideas board of sorts. One of the brilliant features on the Swatch website is the ability to design your own piece, called Swatch x YOU. What you can do is take a pattern, and move said pattern around behind the outline of a translucent Swatch watch. This allows you to come up with a unique pattern from the larger board, and create a piece unique!

Scottish Watches have teamed up with Canadian artist and illustrator Diana Evans to create the board below.

Whilst this is not the whole board... it shows the fun you can have with this!

Taking inspiration from their native Scotland, as well as illustrating some of the hilarious moments from the 200 episodes, it gives you the chance to have a watch that perfectly sums up the brilliance that is the Scottish Watches gang. Whilst we are biased being good friends of Rick and Rikki , we would be singing their praises even if we weren’t friends. Not only is this an amazing milestone in of itself, getting a collaborative piece with Swatch is not only brilliantly light hearted, but something we are incredibly jealous of! Furthermore, to give back to the watch community that has made this project possible, none of the Scottish Watches team are making a penny from the design, release and sale of the watch, instead trying to make it as affordable and accessible for the enthusiasts who would want to buy one (me included!!) as possible.

Rikki summed this up perfectly, saying "we've had an amazing two years starting out as complete novices who just loved watches to where we are now speaking with watch people across the world on a daily basis and having even more fun than we ever imagined. Creating a watch that will make you smile when you look at your wrist is exactly what is needed as we put 2020 behind us and is also what we are all about with our podcasts and videos, and by being able to do this at such an affordable price while allowing people to choose their personal design is just the icing on the cake." If you are not familiar with Rikki, Rick or Dave, they are some of the most passionate and friendly guys in the game. This truly is a testament to their character and appreciation for the journey they have been lucky enough to go on!

Please go and try it for yourselves! It is a hell of a lot of fun...

This is a phenomenal way to celebrate a huge milestone, and we here at TYH are so chuffed for the journey Scottish Watches have come on. This is a fitting tribute to two years of delivering the best and most entertaining watch content on YouTube , Instagram and Spotify. We cant wait to see how they celebrate their next milestone, and if Rikki has anything to do with it, we look forward to seeing the Scottish Watches x Invicta ‘Shitter’ tribute coming soon!

Congratulations to the Scottish Watches team...

Felix Arnold

Editor & Co-Founder

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