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The Bamford Watch Department x Zenith x Black Badger Superconductor LE

When we started this blog, there were a few reasons for it. One, we are completely, head over heels in love with watches. Secondly, we aspired one day to get to review truly amazing horological marvels. And one of those is what this article is all about. As you have read from the title, we are deep-diving into the recent Bamford and Black Badger collaboration, this time in partnership with Zenith. And considering they were gracious enough to lend me one for a week, it would be remiss of me to not tell you all about how brilliant it is.

To give a bit of context, Bamford and Black Badger have been collaborating for some years now. To date, they have made two special editions. The first, in partnership with Tag Heuer, was a Caliber 5 with a Fordite dial. The second and a somewhat controversial (but awesome) piece was another collaboration with Tag Heuer. The controversy was surrounding the dial, which was made using coffee. Suffice it to say, Bamford and Black Badger have come up with some outrageous collaborations. This piece, their third, might be the most awesome yet. This time, instead of dials being the focus, the case is at the centre of the Limited Edition.

Photo Credit: Bamford Watch Department

What Bamford and Black Badger have come up with is based on a Zenith El Primero. However, only the movement and the case shape have been kept the same. To give you a bit of context, let us take a look into the work of Black Badger

Black Badger, for those of you who do not know, are an experimental company who work with alternative materials. They use advanced materials such as carbon fibre, fordite, super magnesium and the superconductor we are talking about today. Whilst at their core they produce rings and bangles that incorporate this material, they have also dabbled in watches, collaborating with the likes of MB&F, De Bethune, Scofield Watch Company and of course, Bamford Watch Department.

Three previous Black Badger collaborations... (from left to right) Schofield Watch Company, De Bethune and MB&F...

In this instance, the case from the original watch was disregarded and was remade using a milled block of Superconductor taken from a particle accelerator in Texas (pretty cool? I think so!).

This is a piece of the very superconductor that the case is milled from...

Whilst the case takes on the same dimensions and overall aesthetic of a regular El Primero case, the characteristics of the superconductor shine through on the lugs and the side of the case. The effect is that of a grey honeycomb, and the lugs are given the effect of having been dipped in gold, to make it seem like the case has been worn away to show the superconductor at the heart of the watch. This, for me certainly, gives the watch a futuristic, I-Robot feel.

just a few photos to show you how drop-dead GORGEOUS this watch really is...

Branford are continuing to pave the way for innovative and quirky invention in the watch industry. Granted there are a host of companies and brands who are doing the same, but not like Bamford. Bamford have a whimsy and a playful side that I feel is somewhat unique to them as a brand.

Bamford and Black Badger have really knocked it out of the park with this one, and even if you cannot get your hands on one, I implore you to go to the website and explore this watch. It is truly special.

Felix Arnold

Editor and Co-Founder

The Young Horologist

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