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Fantastic condition 1950s oversize Chronograph Suisse housing a Landeron Movement. 38mm Steel case with chrome plating. The chrome plating is in outstanding condition very little to no wear. I actually thought it was steel initially. Even though these are professional photos do take into account the wrist model has smaller wrists. This is a 38mm, an oversize by vintage chronograph standards, so actually looks very contemporary for modern day whilst still maintaining a classic modern look. This is one of many watches to be sold through our website The Young Horologist ( We are watch nerds writing aticles, reviews and selling watches for other nerds. This watch has been checked by my local watch makers and it is running well. As it is vintage I cannot recommend any water resistance whatsoever. As it is a Landeron movement, the chronograph works differently from a lemani/valjoux etc: the top pusher starts the chrono, whilst the BOTTOM pusher STOPS AND RESETS. Any questions let me know. Any offers let me know. Will not send overseas apologies (outside of UK) Kind regards, Calum Moor

1950s Oversize Chronograph Suisse (Landeron Movement)

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