About TYH

The Young Horologist is, at this stage more than anything, a place for us geeks to broadcast intelligent, well considered, and topical watch articles; and maybe the odd video and podcast, about everything and anything in the watch community. A far cry from casual chatting on a Whatsapp chat! None of us have any real industry experience, however, we do posses a wide range of knowledge and retail connections. Furthermore, what we lack in experience we make up for in a total absorption and addiction for watches, and horology. The current ‘team’ and the guys who are considered to be the founding members, are Ilkay Olmez, Calum Moore and Felix Arnold. We are three individuals who share an equal passion for this incredible facet of life.

Although at this early stage, we appreciate that jostling for subscriptions with the aforementioned heavyweights is going to be somewhat of a challenge, we all firmly believe that due to our wealth of knowledge, and our ‘young’ spin on the watch industry, we will be delivering fresh, new, and interesting content, which we hope will give us appeal. We would all like to thank you very much for visiting our site, and sharing, at what ever stage of your watch journey you may be at, this passion with us. 

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