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Watch This Space Episode 6: The £10,000 Watch Draft Challenge! 
Episode 6: The £10,000 Watch Draft Challenge! 

Episode 6 is here!!

This week we are doing a slightly more relaxed episode. Taking inspiration from another well known watch publication who have recently done this, we are going to do a £10,000 watch draft special. We have put the rules below, and we are going to be coming back with more of these episodes at bigger price ranges (£20,000, £50,000 and £100,000). So we hope you enjoy this fun episode and let us know the five watches that you would have chosen! 

The Rules...

  1. £10,000 Max budget. 

  2. You must pick 5 watches.

  3. You cannot pick a watch that the other person/people have chosen.

  4. You must pick a watch from each of the following 5 categories:

    1. Dress​ Watch

    2. Sports Watch

    3. Daily Beater

    4. Flex Spot (Can be whatever you want)

    5. Complication.

Other watches we spoke about...

Cal's Picks...

Felix's Picks...

So everyone there are our picks! Jut to summarise for you all, here are the watches that we picked! As well as links to respectable retailers that we would recommend you buying them from if you would like! 

Cal's Choices

  1. Daily Watch: Omega Seamaster Ceramic Blue Dial

    1. Value: £2,500.​


  2. Dress Watch: Longines Conquest Heritage 35mm.

    1. Value: £920​


  3. Sports Watch: Rolex Explorer 1 36mm.

    1. Value: £4,000.


  4. 'Flexible' Watch: Seiko Sarx 033

    1. Value: £1,000.​


  5. Complication: Ming 17.01 GMT

    1. Value: £1,270 (As mentioned, these watches have sold out, so you will not be able to find one for the retail value.​

    2. Good luck finding one! I haven't managed to find one for sale...

TOTAL VALUE: £9,690.

So there we have it! Two very different five watch collections. One at the slightly lower end of the price schedule, and one closer to the £10,000 limit! As Cal and I discuss in the episode, I think we have both built collections that we could happily have as our only 5 watches for the rest of our lives! We also agreed that we had picked 10 brands that are well known and make fantastic watches that will last a lifetime. 

We would love to hear what you all think! We would love to know if there are one or two watches in either of our lists where there is a better watch we could have picked! We would also love to hear what 5 watch collections you would build with £10,000! And what you would do with the leftover cash! And just for a bit of fun, who is your winner?? 

As always thank you so much for listening, and stay tuned for more podcasts coming soon! 

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