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Meet The Founders


Felix Arnold

"I have been into watches for many years now. The passion was all started by my Dad’s Rolex Submariner, which will always hold a special place in my heart! Ever since then I have gone deep... Everyday my obsession with watches grows, and all of that passion goes straight into everything we do here at TYH."


Calum Moore

"I was always aware of watches at some level due to my parents being casual watch people. However, after moving to Hong Kong at the age of 16, I was deeply immersed in a society even more driven by the consumption of luxury items. As a result the world of horology was thrust upon me. Then as I began to learn about what makes a great watch, discovering the fact that these wrist accessories were essentially tiny self perpetuating engines I was hooked immediately."

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Ilkay Olmez

"From a young age I also caught the watch bug from my father. I think well made timepieces are fundamental in the world we live in and I learn more everyday because of my involvement in TYH. I hope fellow aficionados and people with general interest in horology enjoy our content here."

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