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A few months ago, I approached the fellow members of a ‘Whatsapp Chat’ I had formed with a few university friends of mine, who had subsequently added fellow watch geeks, called The Horologists, about the idea of expanding our watch ranting, picture sharing, discussing, into a medium which could be divulged by the masses. Taking inspiration from the big runners in the industry, of course the brilliant, and ‘could not live without’ Hodinkee. and fellow heavy weights in the watch blogging industry, A Blog To Watch. Unsurprisingly, this idea was met with what can only be described as unrelenting support, enthusiasm and surprise that we hadn't thought of this idea before, and so after many months of discussion, article writing and debating every facet of it under the sun, we present to you

The Horologists is, at this stage more than anything, a place for us geeks to write intelligent, well considered, and topical watch articles, about everything and anything in the watch community. A far cry from casual chatting on a whatsapp chat. None of us have any real industry experience, unless watching Christies auctions and Hodinkee videos counts as experience?, but what we lack in experience we make up for in a total absorption and addiction to watches, and horology. The current ‘team’ and the guys who are considered to be the founding members, and my fellow watch friends; although I have actually never met three of them strangely?! are Illkay Olmez, Struan Clarke, Dexter Biddlescombe and Callum Moore. They are not only the only four people who have an equal passion for this incredibly facet of life as I do, but the four who day in day out, every second of everyday, I talk with about all things watches, and the ones who will never tire of my watch gambits

Although at this early stage I am pretty convinced that our only audience will be our parents and siblings who we have bribed into giving us views, we would all like to thank you very much for visiting our site, and sharing, at what ever stage of your watch journey you may be at, this passion with us.

Felix Arnold

Editor & Co-Founder

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